About the Master Psychomotor Therapy

The Master’s degree programme of Psychomotor Therapy is based on a model of competence-based learning. 

The competences are linked to the professional profile of psychomotor therapists.

Exercise and sport

Competences of a psychomotor therapist at the Master's degree level

Within the three pillars of the programme, you will work on further development of the following five competences:

1. To construct
2. To analyze
3. To integrate
4. To innovate
5. To position oneself

Each competence knows a micro, meso, and macro level and each has relevance in all professional tasks as a psychomotor therapist. At the start of your Master's programme of Psychomotor Therapy, you will formulate a number of (personal) learning goals. You will link these goals to the five professional competences and the final terms of the Master’s programme, thereby creating direct interaction between your work situation and your Master's programme.

Is de Master PMT the right study for you?

Windesheim is the only university of applied sciences in the Netherlands to offer the Master’s degree programme of Psychomotor Therapy. This two-year part-time programme in Zwolle is accessible to psychomotor therapists aiming to professionalize their knowledge and skills at the Master’s degree level.