Master of Psychomotor Therapy

Do you want to do the Master’s programme of Psychomotor Therapy to further develop your skills and knowledge of movement and physicality in aid services and the care sector?

Continue as a Psychomotor Therapist?

You will be a psychomotor therapist who is able to use movement and physicality as a care therapy at the Master’s degree level. With your extensive knowledge of psychosocial and psychiatric problems, after completing this Master’s programme of Psychomotor Therapy, you will literally make all your knowledge of movement work.

Flexible and Modular Master's Programme

The Master's programme of Psychomotor Therapy is now available in a new form. The modular and flexible programme structure makes it easier to combine your work as a psychomotor therapist with studies and private life. You can opt to follow separate modules so that you are in charge of your own study programme planning  


An Bachelor's degree programme of Psychomotor Therapy or equivalent programme to become a psychomotor therapist will give you immediate access to this Master’s programme, provided you also meet the 16-hour employment requirement.

Organization and Study load

Part of the programme is taught in the Netherlands, another part in Denmark, with a third part being offered through distance learning. The detailed schedule will be announced in the autumn of 2017. The study load of the Psychomotor Therapy programme amounts to about 20 hours a week, including classes.

Master of PMT Certificate

As a student in the English-language Master’s degree programme, you are an international student at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. Upon graduation, you will hence obtain a Dutch Master’s degree diploma. In addition, you will receive a Europass Diploma Supplement to clarify the nature and level of the diploma. This is a standard description of the content and course of the study programme. The supplement provides insight into the nature, level and content of the PMT master’s programme. It contains a description of the programme completed and the results obtained. It is a supplement to the original diploma.