Master of Psychomotor Therapy

Are you for example a Danish, Dutch, German, Swiss or other European psychomotor therapist? Do you want to learn, meet and connect with European colleagues? Are you keen to further develop as a Psychomotor Therapist? Perhaps you should sign up for the Dutch Master of Psychomotor Therapy (PMT), now offered in English to international psychomotor therapists. 


Exercise and sport

Continue as a Psychomotor Therapist?

Do you want to professionalize your occupational and therapeutic skills as a PMT professional at a Master’s degree level? To enable you perform as a psychomotor therapist at this level, you will develop competences and reach the final terms described for this master. The final terms evolve around the following three pillars: 1) psychomotor therapy knowledge and skills, 2) professional leadership, and 3) practice based research. For Danish students, this programme is taught in cooperation with partners VIA University College and UCC, Denmark. We welcome Universities from other countries to cooperate with us as well, thus enabling us to make this programme successful together.


If you’re not sure whether your prior education satisfies the entry requirements, please get in touch with Ad van de Ven:


A Bachelor's degree program of Psychomotor Therapy or equivalent program to become a psychomotor therapist will give you immediate access to this Master’s program. For several learning outcomes one must additionally meet a (16-hour a week) employment requirement.

Organization and Study load

The programme is taught in the Netherlands during a total of seven weekends over the course of two years. In addition, supervision can, when possible, be offered in your native tongue and home country.  About a third of the study program will be offered through distance learning. The detailed schedule will be announced in the summer of 2019. The study load of the Psychomotor Therapy program amounts to about 20 hours a week, including classes. In case this is your first master study, under EU-rules, the cost of this master program is a little over 2000 euros a year for most applicants.

We strive to start this English version of the Master PMT in January 2020, if we have enough applicants. Application for this Master is possible starting October 1st, 2019. For questions, please e-mail Ad van de Ven at

Flexible and modular master's programme

In the new modular and flexible programme is set-up around one or several learning outcomes within each module. These are based on the professional tasks of the psychomotor therapy profession and the final terms of the Master PMT. Learning outcomes describe the knowledge and skills students should acquire by the end of the (modules of) the master program. You can opt to follow separate modules or the complete program. By this, you are in charge of your own study programme planning. The modular and flexible programme structure makes it easier to combine your work as a psychomotor therapist with studies and private life.

Master of PMT Certificate

As a student in the English-language Master’s degree program, you are an international student at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. Upon graduation, you will hence obtain a Dutch Master’s degree diploma. In addition, you will receive a Europass Diploma Supplement to clarify the nature and level of the diploma. This is a standard description of the content and course of the study program. The supplement provides insight into the nature, level, and content of the PMT master’s programme. It contains a description of the programme completed and the results obtained. It is a supplement to the original diploma.

Open evening (The Netherlands)

Would you like to know more about our Psychomotor Therapy Master’s programme? You’re welcome to come and visit our open evening at 13 November 2019. One of our programme representatives will be available to answer all your questions. We hope to meet you there.

Adobe connect meetings

We have also scheduled Adobe connect meetings which enables you to get informed without having to travel. The meeting will start at 20.15 hours on 29 October and 11 November. It is important that you log in beforetime (the ‘room’ will open at least a half hour prior to each meeting). Do not hesitate but join in and get information, ask all your questions or learn from others who might be your fellow students within a few months! The link will lead directly to the adobe connect meeting room. This is how it works:

1. Download Adobe Connect App on your device beforehand (iPad, laptop, etc.)
2. Log in using this link
3. You can enter the 'meeting room' 30 minutes ahead of time