Going Constructive


Do you want to learn how to attract millenials in a world where are so many things screaming for attention? Do you know how to restore the trust between journalists and the public?
Learn to develop skills how to engage with your audience in an increasingly complex world with our new exchange programme in Journalism: Going Constructive.

Constructive journalism tells stories that build people up, rather than tear them down. Stories that look to the future, and not just to the past or the present. They are stories that offer solutions, instead of just problems. Yet this new, socially-led approach to journalism is so much more too. To explore everything constructive journalism has to offer to the field, we decided to develop this exchange program.

Journalism and Communication

About the course modules

The core of the programme will see us working together to build a ‘constructive’ news platform from scratch. This is where students and teachers will teach and inspire each other and learn about taking off blinders, finding new angles, asking different questions, and looking for solutions.

During the half-year course we'll offer you to learn how to apply constructive elements of journalism. You will develop skills how to empower and engage with your audience and by doing so, your reporting will become better journalism with a competitive edge.
You will learn how to create compelling constructive content, with the help of a variety of constructive angles, frames and methods. And you will discover how to engage your audience in new and exciting ways to portray the world more accurately!

What we ask

In this tailor-made six-month programme we challenge Journalism, as well as Media and Communication students to join us and build something new together. We are not just looking for J-School students, but also specifically call for students who are learning how to build and sustain online communities, and how to provide a business model for good journalism. We welcome applications from students majoring in other fields too.

21st Century news

The Dutch may be a tiny country, but we are a nation of ingenious builders. More importantly, the Dutch created world-renowned and highly influential media startups like: Blendle and The Correspondent, in order to help sustain journalism in the digital age. We playfully call it a Dutch approach to 21st century news, even though we have been deeply inspired by a global movement going by this name. 

Real challenges and experiences

In a lab-like learning experience you will learn from some of the pioneers in the field, including Karel Smouter, former deputy editor-in-chief of The Correspondent, Liesbeth Hermans and Nico Drok, our professors leading our research efforts in the field of Constructive Journalism.
Imagine a platform mixing the vibrancy and youthfulness of VICE with the serious, constructive journalism of The Correspondent and the visual storytelling skills of the Instagram Generation. Then imagine you being at the center of all of this. Sounds like a great plan doesn’t it? 

Entry Requirements

Two years of bachelor studies in a relevant field and English-language skills at B2 level.

Total ECTS Credits: 30
Level: advanced bachelor