Addiction Studies

Addiction Studies


The use of stimulants is engrained in our society. We are all aware of their benefits. A cup of coffee makes you alert, a glass of wine can stimulate social interaction and the economy benefits from taxes on alcohol and tobacco. 

There are also serious risks; over a million people in The Netherlands abuse these stimulants or is addicted to them. Substance abuse and addiction have a great impact on our economy (absenteeism, decreasing productivity in the work force), health care system, performances at school, traffic safety, relationships, upbringing etc.

About the programme

In this exchange programme you will acquire basic knowledge and skills on the subject matter and practically exercise these skills with the use of various interviews techniques. You will become a modern social worker with a high skills set, including guidance counselling and collaborating with different professional partners.

Credits back home

As an international exchange student at Windesheim, you will get study credits that may count towards the qualification you are studying for back home. So studying at Windesheim doesn’t have to mean extending your overall study time. You will make a ‘learning agreement’ covering your stay.

Mixed class

The exchange programme Addiction Studies is an international programme. International and Dutch students will study alongside each other to develop solutions to specific problems in the field of Addiction Care.

We deal with such issues as

• Prevention of addiction and treatment
• Policy and legislation of addiction
• Professional treatments and knowledge about substances
• Professional trainings in motivational interviewing, moral deliberating, argumentation, mediation, double diagnoses, cultural antropolgy and entrepreneurship. 

Entry Requirements

•Adequate English-language skills (B2-level or CEFR).
•Successful completion of the first (propaedeutic) year of the study programme.
•Testimony of at least one previously completed internship as part of study programme in country of origin.

Total ECTS Credits: 30
Level: Bachelor


For questions about the exchange programme Addiction Studies, please contact:

Ms Marije Speijers (course coordinator)
Phone:  +310 88 469 7667

Students Mari and Leonie about Addiction studies