Supply Chain Engineering

Tomorrow’s Supply Chain engineers face the challenge of creating the engine that powers the world’s economy: the global supply chain.

supply chain engineer

About the course

In this course you learn to become a creative, stable, intelligent, communicative and well-organized engineer who can design, link, implement and manage supply chain processes, in a cross-organizational, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary setting. This minor programme prepares you to work as a manager or consultant in supply chain engineering.

We deal with issues such as

Supply chain design, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Planning & Finance, Supply Management, Marketing & Sales as a focus on supply chain management; Change Management.

Credits back home

As an international exchange student at Windesheim, you get study credits that can count towards the qualification you are studying for back home. So coming to Windesheim doesn’t have to mean extending your studies. You make a ‘learning agreement’ covering your stay. Supply Chain Engineering starts every fall (September up to January).

supply chain engineer

Be creative!

You learn about logistic processes; on their own and as an element in the well-orchestrated chain that generates value for the end customers. You combine logistics and supply chain management concepts with methods and techniques from the field of operations research, in translating business models into well aligned processes, focused on serving the end customer. You learn to apply consulting, communicative skills for successful interventions. You are trained to work evidence based in order to create new supply chains or to improve existing ones.