Serious Gaming

Games: more than just playing! Do you have a passion for game development? Do you think that games can contribute to the improvement of healthcare, education, or safety?

Then come and study Serious Gaming in our minor in which you develop concepts for serious games with other students and professionals.

About the course

Everything revolves around a large project in which you develop a serious game in a multi-disciplinary team. Besides this, you attend (guest-)lectures about relevant topics for your project and (serious) game development in general. You also carry out smaller assignments which help you with the large project. Finally, you visit conferences, symposia, and game companies to come into contact with the Dutch games industry. This way, you can start building your own network in this sector.

About serious games

A serious game is a game which serves another goal than entertainment alone. Such goals can for instance be education, advertising, or behavioral change. Serious games are developed in multi-disciplinary teams; The domain in which you are working, the design, and content all need to be in tune. As an ICT-student (also Business ICT or Computer Science) you apply your knowledge and experience in game development (e.g., design, development, management, marketing and communication).

Learning goals

In this minor, you learn to co-operate with multiple disciplines to develop a serious game. You learn to get to the bottom of the request of your client. Based on that, you develop fitting concepts together with your team, which you discuss with your client. Next, the best concept is developed into a game prototype. You will also learn how to write the outline of a validation plan and how you can pitch your game for your client, as if you had an actual game-company.

Serious Gaming

Who can apply?

Different roles are possible within the project in this minor (e.g. design, development, management, marketing and communication). The requirements are dependent on the role you plan to fulfill. Send your study background and prospective role for more information.