Concept and creation

Autumn and spring programme

Do you want to design creative solutions using digital media? Solve problems using websites, apps or other mobile solutions?

Collaborate with students from various disciplines and address everyday common issues? Then Concept and Creation is the perfect minor for you.

concept and creation

About the course

You work in multidisciplinary teams with students from different schools, disciplines and parts of the world. Together you formulate your goal and everybody contributes using his or her own expertise. You start with brainstorming about digital concepts for the problem you came up with. Together with an external partner your try to put your product in the market.

Every spring and autumm

The exchange programm Concept and Creation starts twice a year in spring and autumn (February and September). The application deadline for admission for the autumn semester is June 1st and for the spring semester is November 1st.

Credits back home

This minor accounts for 24 credits. 6 more credits can be earned with elective courses. As an international exchange student at Windesheim, you will get study credits that may count towards the qualification you are studying for back home.

concept and creation

Hundred ideas

In the student teams you work together on a self-made concept in digital media. A hundred ideas are thought up after a group brainstorm. Two of those will be developed further, these will be researched on feasibility, target group and marketing potential. Both ideas then will be presented to a Dragon’s Den. The winning idea will be further developed during the semester. Each group will end the semester with at least a working prototype but preferabely ‘ready to ship’ product.

Academic Calendar

Windesheim's academic year is divided into two semesters. One starts in autumn and the other starts in spring.


Windesheim has an International Office to help students from other countries. The Office can give you advice about applying for a place at our university and will provide support while you are here. Contact the International Office for help on:

Admission requirements
Visas and residence permits
Student facilities
Living in the Netherlands
Working while studying

Also, you can find an online checklist on our website for studying in the Netherlands. Just enter your personal data and you'll receive information about visa, insurance, resident permit and grants.


Windesheim does not charge fees to students on exchange programmes or to international students doing double degrees. However, if you have to pay fees back home, you’ll probably have to go on paying them while you’re here. And coming to Windesheim may involve some extra costs for you.


If you come to study at Windesheim, you'll need somewhere to live. Windesheim has several housing facilities for students on the various study programmes.

How to apply

If you want to come to Windesheim as an exchange student, you'll need to complete an application form and send it in. A Learning Agreement and other documents need to be sent along with the form. We'll guide you through each step of our admissions procedure.


Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa to enter the Netherlands and a residence permit to study here for more than three months. If you work while studying, you may need a work permit.

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