Allround designer

Are you creative and aiming to work for an innovative small or medium sized enterprise (SME) or design agency? 

Then this minor programme is fit for you.


About the course

Working at a design agency or an innovative SME (In Dutch: MKB) requires all-round skills and knowledge. Your client expects you to consider all or most of the technical-, commercial- and human interaction interests in order for the product to become a success in the market. This all-round or integrated approach is what this minor is all about. Key is that this minor programme involves working on real assignments for real clients!

Core activity

Do you plan to develop your design skills and become familiar with the latest practices in product design, such as interactive consumer design, service design and the cradle-to-cradle approach? This minor programme will help you bring your product design knowledge up to date.

Credits back home

As an international exchange student at Windesheim, you will get study credits that may count towards the qualification you are studying for back home. So studying at Windesheim doesn’t have to mean extending your overall study time. You will make a ‘learning agreement’ covering your stay.



Together with the forms you have to send in a portfolio of your product design work. The portfolio can be digital or hard copy. It will be used to assess your skills. Based on this assessment you will be given advice on whether to choose this minor programme. This programme starts every year in Septembre (fall) and February (spring).