People, Planet & Profit

Exchange programme - autumn and spring

This exchange programme gives you the opportunity to gain a solid basis in project and change management, business skills and research connected to global challenges like global warming, poverty reduction or human rights, within a safe international setting. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we cancelled all exchange programmes for autumn 2020. We hope to see you in spring 2021!

You can join us for a semester in autumn (Sept – Jan) or spring (Feb - Jun) It is also possible to join us for a full year.

About this Exchange programme

This exchange programme is part of the Bachelor programme ‘Global Project and Change Management’ of Windesheim Honours College (WHC). You will join the 2nd year of this programme (advanced level). The mission of WHC is to educate students to become highly competent professionals, with a reflective attitude, a global mindset, and who promote intercultural diversity and sustainability. There are four learning lines to which all courses are linked: Global Challenges, Project and Change Management, Business Skills and Research.

Throughout the semester you will also work in a project team on a big project with a real-life client.

Our international learning community is comprised of more than 15 different nationalities and is characterized by the close involvement between staff and students. In our small-scale community we offer students a personal and safe learning environment

Personal leadership

An increasingly interdependent world with fast-paced changes calls for Project & Change Managers with strong leadership qualities. With a shift from top-down leadership structures to self-steering teams, the greatest leadership challenge is to unlock the full potential of a team and to empower others and oneself. In this program, students are encouraged to work on personal leadership by increasing self-awareness and a developing a strong sense of purpose.
In the process, students question their assumptions about themselves and others, gain new insights, and develop leadership competences. 


Project Plans need to be substantiated with relevant applied and evidence-based research. Therefore, students need to be able to gather information and evidence using various research methods and data collection techniques. Students will learn to examine the possibilities and problems associated with quantitative methods. We also think it’s important that when you want to make decisions for the future, they should be based on the lessons learnt in the past. That’s why we help you to focus on understanding developments that are occurring today and try to predict the impact they may have in the future.  

Global Challenges and Business

Global Challenges such as Poverty, Clean Water, Global Climate Change and Clean and Sustainable Energy can only ever be solved when different stakeholders like policymakers, NGOs, companies and people start working together. We help you to get an understanding of the complexity of these so-called wicked global challenges and provide you with methods and tools to help you address them together.
We also focus on understanding the Non-Profit sector, grasping the concept of ‘Sustainable Business’ and help you to understand the fundamental concepts of (Environmental) Economics, Marketing and Circular Economy. 

Entry Requirements

- One year of bachelor studies in a relevant field
- English language minimum B2-level or equivalent (C1 level is preferred)
- 60 EC attained

Total ECTS Credits: 30
Level: Bachelor


If you have any questions about the exchange programme People, Planet and Profit, please contact:
Phone: +31 088 4698400