Managing projects in a globalized world

(Autumn and spring)

This exchange programme gives you the opportunity to gain a solid basis in project management techniques, methods and skills as well as research, within a safe international setting. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we cancelled all exchange programmes for autumn 2020. We hope to see you in spring 2021!

This programme is an honours programme, and has a higher study load than other programmes.

Managing projects in a globalized world

About the programme

This exchange programme is part of the Bachelor Global Project and Change Management of Windesheim Honours College (WHC). The mission of WHC is to educate students to become highly competent professionals, with a reflective attitude and a global mindset, who promote intercultural diversity and sustainability. In this programme we do this by providing a challenging educational environment with personal development opportunities. We offer this part of our curriculum to excellent students from other programmes who want to put their expertise in practice and develop their own leadership capacity.

Complex Projects

Complex problems do not always need complex solutions. Organizations are looking for are creative professionals who can think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions. During your exchange you will work in a multidisciplinary team on a complex project in an organizational context, either in the Netherlands or abroad. This means that you will gain work
experience on project management.

Have the world in your hands

This exchange programme enables you to develop your strengths further by acquiring insight into the personal qualities of its individual participants and the way these qualities influence each other within the framework of a team. Also, we coach you in developing a “growth mindset” which means you see challenges instead of problems, you learn from failure and you are
motivated by the success of your team colleagues. With this mindset, you have the world in your hands.

Wicked Challenges

The challenges of today and tomorrow are complex and “wicked”.  The depletion of natural resources, growing populations, reduced food security and rising sea levels are examples of wicked challenges which need innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to tackle them locally and globally. Multidisciplinary projects are the vehicles that make change and innovation possible. In this minor you will work in small and diverse collaborative project teams on a complex project assignment for an external client, in the Netherlands or abroad. The assignment will be broadly related to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Besides the application of knowledge and project management skills, emphasis is placed on developing ‘Twenty-First Century skills’, such as collaboration and leadership, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

Entry Requirements

Two years of bachelor studies in a relevant field,
Level: year 3 and 4 (Bachelor)
Entry requirements:
- English language minimum B2-level, (C1 level is preferred)
- Year 3 students: 120 or 150 EC attained;
- Year 4 students: 180 EC attained. If one or two courses missing; explain in your motivation letter
- Motivation letter

Total ECTS Credits: 30 


If you have any questions about the exchange programme Managing projects in a globalized world, please contact:
Phone: +31 88 4698400

Alessandro (Italy) about the programme and the amazing campus & city of Zwolle