Doing Business in Europe


Do you want to learn how to get a solid background for doing business in Europe? Join our International Business Studies programme called 'Doing Business In Europe'.

You will experience working with people from different countries and cultural backgrounds - something highly valuable in today’s workplace. Delivering a good project result under time pressure will bring intercultural differences to the surface. Working in a multicultural project team therefore requires flexibility from each team member to handle the differences in language skills, knowledge and cultural backgrounds. You will learn and gain these skills during our programme.

Doing Business in Europe

About the programme

This programme aims to provide you with a solid background for doing business internationally. The central focus of this programme is a project. Learnings from the theoretical module courses in this programme can also be applied to advance the project. The project itself concerns developing a Marketing Plan for an actual client, a company or institution based in Europe. Students form an international project group of 4-5 students from different countries. The challenge for the multi-cultural project team is to deliver a sound plan based on field and desk research. It is a challenging situation which helps you to develop 21st century skills. Each team member has to take into account both the interests of the client and the tutors from Windesheim and the different national backgrounds from the team members. The project is mandatory. You are invited to compose a course pack (including the mandatory project) with a total of 30 ECTS credits, that fits your learning needs and ambitions. 


In a practice-oriented environment, students learn how to work together and make practical use of theoretical knowledge. 

Real-life projects

Every period, students work together on topical projects. Companies from the Netherlands and other countries bring us real-world challenges needing research and practical action. 

The central focus in the project is to develop a Business Marketing Plan for a business client, a company or institution based in Europe. Previous clients in the project were, amongst others, ‘Slow Food’,  ‘Fairphone’ and ‘Ecovillages’. Your team will start with scanning the environment of the client and write a Business Market Research Report with recommendations based on your environmental research.


Students study in a multicultural environment, which helps them develop intercultural skills and understand norms and values unlike their own.

Entry Requirements

Two years of bachelor studies in a relevant field and English-language skills at B2 level.

Total ECTS Credits: 30
Level: bachelor

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