(International Business Studies)

The focus in the Bachelor Programme International Business is equally divided over the two words in the programme’s name; it covers not only all relevant aspects of business and doing business across borders, but also international communication and business culture.

The International Business programme adheres to the vision of personalized learning. As a student this means that you will work in an office setting where it is possible for you to work at your own pace and on the topics of your own choosing. You can work in groups on a project, you can study online courses and you can work individually on topics. This requires coaching: your coach will help you to make the best of your studies, to become an independent student, who is able to manage his study programme by himself.

International Business Studies - Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

Year 1

In your first year you will be steeped in international business straight away, with a practical week, training sessions and a large variety of subjects you will need as an international business expert! As an International Business student, you immediately start working on your proficiency in one additional modern language. You also learn right from the start how important it is to be aware of cultural differences in international business. 

Study in Holland

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Year 2 and after

From your second year on you’ll be digging a lot deeper. You’ll be doing training sessions to develop the skills you need to work successfully in an international organization, and the subjects taught in your first year will now be treated in greater depth so as to teach you everything you need as a prospective professional. In the second year of your hbo degree programme of International Business, you will also be doing an internship in a foreign country. In the third year you will follow Study Abroad, which involves six months of study in a foreign country. So you will get a lot of exposure to professional practice. In your fourth year you will specialize in one of the fields of international business and you will complete your studies with a final project demonstrating that you possess all the knowledge and skills required to start a successful career in international business. It’s up to you to decide whether you will be doing your graduation in the Netherlands or abroad. You’ll be conducting research to analyse a practical situation. Based on your research you will come up with some recommendations of practical use to the company. 

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