Value Creators concept

The Value Creator semester will take you into a shared learning journey where you will be working with major challenges of our society.  

How would you deal with an ageing population? How would you create livable cities by exploring new entrepreneurial solutions? What is the new role of civil society? Starting from a complex question and together with your Value Creator’s community you will create value in response to the Sustainable Development Goals that inspire you. Enjoy the journey! 


What's a Value Creator

A Value Creator is a new educational concept developed by Windesheim Honours College, which gives you the chance to make a real difference by addressing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.
It's about creating a community of practice, made up of students, lecturers, researchers, practising professionals, citizens and other stakeholders to tackle a particular global challenge or theme.
The UN Sustainable Development Goals represent the different challenges of our society. You will have room to explore individual interests and become the engineer of your own network. Knowledge is a tool, not a goal. You will acquire knowledge through your networks and share it with the rest. This part of our curriculum enables students to make a change in their society by working on complex questions.  

Sustainable Development Goals

We believe that knowledge is valuable only if you understand how to put it to practical use. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals give you the opportunity to gain as much real-life work experience as possible by collaborating and learning from professional networks working with ways of improving our world.

Semester Content

During your Value Creator semester we expect you to link your ideas and value to the SDGs. At the beginning of Value Creators you will follow several workshops and different MOOCs to learn new tools and methods to address complexity and deal with uncertainty. After a few weeks, you are ready to work on your own with other fellow students, engaging with professional networks outside the college.

We have our own model to help you create societal value, the 4E Model: Explore, Engage, Elaborate and Evaluate. Those are the four phases of Value Creators. There is a part of the programme where you are in control of your own time to invest in personal and professional development.

Next to this course, you can follow other SDG-linked online courses to complement your expertise in the topic you would like to work on. 

Value Creator process

On the Value Creators’ journey, you'll work with other students to explore a topic relating to the Sustainable Development Goals. You'll also develop a relevant (international) network of people involved in the topic and you'll deliver a Value Creation product.

Education on demand

Our education is on-demand and offers you a platform to grow professionally and work together with other professionals from different networks. The Value Creator is an innovative environment where we support and encourage our students to create their own learning path and give them space to come up with innovative, creative and valuable solutions. Enjoy the journey!

For example, last year a group of students worked together addressing UN Global Sustainable Development Goals 3 (Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages) and 11 (make cities inclusive, safe and sustainable) by participating in a challenge in Asturias, Spain. They looked into ways to improve the life of older people living in big cities; they did so by exploring the urban facilities available that could support them. In this journey they created a large network on their own and found numerous E-Health companies and other urban-related solutions. By connecting existing networks within Asturias province and giving their advice on how to collaborate they created value for the region, the elderly citizens and innovations in health care. 

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