First Year

In the first two years of project management Bachelor's programme you will learn everything about the basics of being a Project and Change Manager. You get to see just what the profession entails and what skills you need to develop.

In Year 1 you will complete five courses per semester. Most courses last fourteen weeks and in between you will take tests to see how you are performing. Some courses run for seven weeks. Tests can be written exams, an essay but also a presentation or a video blog.
You will have classes every day of the week; one course a day, so that you can focus and obtain depth.  



Each day of the week will be devoted to one of your courses, so that you can focus and go into the subjects in depth. Each semester, you'll be part of a small group working on a larger project for a real client. Your schedule and assignments mean that your study load will be about forty-six hours a week. At Windesheim Honours College, we use an interactive teaching style: you are expected to work with a teacher instead of just listening to a lecture. Year 1 of this sustainability Bachelor's programme focuses on basic skills with courses such as Project Management, Research, and Professional Presentation and Pitching. You also develop business skills on the International Business and Managerial Accounting and Financial Analysis courses. On courses such as Global Challenges and International Business, you'll be introduced to the concept of People, Planet & Prosperity.

Career Counselling

Career counselling is a major part of the curriculum, designed to aid personal and career development during your time at the Honours College. We believe that working on your future isn't something that has to be rewarded with credits. It's something that you should do because you want to succeed, personally and professionally. During the first year, career counselling consists of several group workshops and a minimum of three one-on-one meetings with your personal career counsellor. You can always schedule additional meetings if you need them.

Overview courses

Year 1
Block 1Block 2Block 3Block 4 
Introduction to Project Management Project Management for Success
Introduction to ResearchQualitative Research 
Writing LabPersonal and Professional Development 1Rhetoric for Persuasive CommunicationProfessional Presentation & Pitching
Organizational Behaviour  International Business  
Global Challenges7 Habits of Effetive College StudentsManagerial AccountingFinancial Analysis

Th!nk Personal and Professional Development 2