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Julia Global Project and Change Management
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This is my third year as a student at Windesheim Honours College (WHC). What can I say? I’m glad I chose this programme, because it allows me to combine studying with travelling and learning different languages, lessons about life, and my role in our world.

Besides being taught the basics of project management, business, and research, we learn how to become good team workers and how to apply what we've learnt in theory to different social and cultural contexts in practice. After having achieved a basic knowledge of the material, we can choose to do internships and electives abroad. In my opinion, this is the best part of the programme, because it allows us to develop in the topics we are personally interested in and also contributes to growing as a person by being ‘thrown in at the deep end’; into a new environment with new people, out of the familiar WHC community.

I chose to do my first five-month internship with a Colombian NGO, BogotArt. The task was to conduct research for the college and to support the projects of the organization at the same time. They work in a marginalized community in Bogotá and their goal is to improve the social situation there, in addition to creating perspectives for the youth through art (mainly urban art).

My job was to find out if their art interventions achieve the intended goals and to contribute to further expansion of the work they are doing so far to make it more effective. During the internship I got to know different world views, perspectives, life-styles, which positively contributed to my view on life as well. The people are, generally speaking, more relaxed and happier. They focus on what is important in life, such as family, social cohesion, and community.

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