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The lecturers really care about your success

Christian International Business
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What I like about the lecturers here at Windesheim is that they are very engaging. They are very connected to you as a student and they know you by name. They want to help you succeed, they really care about your success.

We do a lot of project work, and that can be difficult sometimes. Getting everyone’s opinion, to coordinate, and planning with everyone is not always the easiest tasks. But at the same time: working in groups is necessary. I think it’s really good to do it while you are in school, because realistically, when you go into the business world, you are going to be working in groups all the time.

I would definitely recommend my friends to come to Windesheim. I think that going to a smaller city in Europe, instead of going to the main cities like Amsterdam or Berlin, gives you a very European experience. No one here is trying to be anything other than they already are, and I really like that. It’s a very genuine feel.

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