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Food waste

Ann-Cathrin Global Project and Change Management
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Due to my great interest in human rights I was already able to work together on a project proposal, funded by Oxfam, that had the aim to educate Papua New Guinea’s population about the natural causes of HIV/AIDS.

Next to my interest in human rights and my idea to make this world a better place, I am interested in travelling and trying out many new things and ideas. As an example, I heard a lot about food waste, so I wanted to find out if it would be possible for me to survive a week on left-overs/food waste. This experiment turned out to last for more than four months, with me eating more healthily than ever possible as a student with a small budget.

I am very thankful for my study programme and if I could choose a study again I would choose mine. It helps me not only to develop important skills to change the world, but also to develop myself. At Windesheim Honours College we are like a big family and that is the best part of it.

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