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You can do just about anything you want after graduation

Amber International Business
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Broad study programme

My name is Amber Agterhuis and I choose to study International Business, because it’s a very broad study programme. The nice thing about that is that you can do just about anything you want after graduation. I also really liked the combination of languages, culture and business. It is just the programme you need if you want to look beyond the Dutch market and gain more international knowledge.

Export is a recurrent theme

So the subjects I have studied are very broad. Export is the main theme throughout the programme, but other economic subjects are also covered, such as online and international marketing, HRM, financial management, international logistics, law, market research and of course languages (French and English). So it’s a very broad programme and everything is covered, which means you learn a lot and develop a broad basis. The nice thing is that you also learn to combine things and to see connections. And you get to learn various skills.

A lot of practical experience

It’s very important to apply these subjects in practice right away. We do this through projects in which we learn how to work together and eventually you have to present your plan. You also visit companies to carry out your projects and of course you do an internship. This enables you to develop a professional attitude and shows you how things are done in organizations.
I did an internship at the Chamber of Commerce in Málaga, but you can go anywhere in the world. For example, one of my classmates did an internship at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, another classmate at a large export company in Munich and a third classmate at a travel agency in Peru.

Studying abroad

In addition to your internship abroad, you will also study abroad for a semester. I went to Hong Kong and studied there for a semester. It is a great experience and you get to choose which modules you will be taking, provided the university offers those modules, of course. I chose to specialize more on the Asian market. Other classmates chose France, Germany, America, Poland, Latvia and Finland, because you can go anywhere you like. These experiences abroad help you to develop your intercultural skills. I now have friends all over the world.

Lots of jobs to choose from

I don’t know yet what exactly I'm going to do after I graduate. But because I’ve completed such a broad study programme, I can try my hand at anything I fancy. For instance, I can work in various positions at different companies, to find out what suits me best. Students often also stay with the company where they did their final project. One of my classmates, for example, stayed with her final-project company and now manages the logistics process of ice rinks intended for export.

Approachable lecturers

If I had to choose again, it would definitely be this study programme for me all over again. The combination of business, intercultural skills and languages turns you into a unique professional. I would certainly choose Windesheim again too, because the lecturers can always be reached and are always willing to help you. They are highly approachable and take a true personal interest in you, which I really like a lot.

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