Windesheim Flevoland, Almere

Windesheim Flevoland to conduct research on possibilities of care robots and industrial robots.

It's not a utopian dream: robots can take over many of our tasks. For industrial and domestic tasks, such as car assembly or mowing the lawn, we increasingly make use of robots. But robots are also on the rise in the health care sector: there are already robots for hugging, or those you can keep as pets, as well as robots to remind you when to take your medicine.


Research Questions

When robots come into contact with people, they need to become more sensitive so it gets easier for us to communicate with them. Windesheim Flevoland’s research focuses on questions like: how can robots assist elderly people at home to enable them to continue living at home longer? Do the care needs of elderly people change when they have a robot in their home? And how can robots support sick children adequately? The professorship uses applied research to test not only the technical aspects of robots but also their situational aspects. To this end, robots are placed in actual home situations.