Polymer Engineering

The aim of our polymer engineering research is to promote the study of polymers in higher education.

We pursue that aim through application-focused research into the processing and use of polymers. Sustainability and social and environmental thinking are central themes of our work. The primary research fields are Recycling, Sustainable Processing & 3D Printing, and Composite Hybrid Design. The professorship also has responsibility for the content of two minors (Polymer Product Engineering at Zwolle and Composites at Almere) and runs a master's programme in Polymer Engineering in conjunction with Stenden University.


Prototypes & simulations

The Professorship of Polymer Engineering is linked to the Department of Engineering & Design. The programmes Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Product Design and Civil Engineering are particularly closely involved with the professorship's research. Within those disciplines, the emphasis is on process optimization for the polymer processing industry, the use of polymers and composites in mechanical engineering design and civil applications. 

Our professor

Dr. Margie Topp
Professor of Polymer Engineering
Contact: +31 88 - 469 7203

Business community

Industry is always looking for well-trained technicians. The professorship's research activities are geared to meeting that demand, with a view to improving the (international) competitiveness of the business community in the eastern Netherlands and elsewhere.


Research is undertaken in partnership with businesses and other organizations in the region. Partners currently contributing capital and knowledge to the professorship's research activities include Wavin, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Attero, Dyka, Schoeller Allibert and Moba. Our partners provide advice and guidance to facilitate the realization of research activities, along with the Dutch Federation of Rubber and Plastics Industry, the Chamber of Commerce, Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR) and the University of Twente (UTwente). Close ties are additionally maintained with other universities in the Netherlands and other countries, including Saxion University of Applied Sciences and Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences.