Dutch Centre of Expertise in Family Business

Reinforcing the Entrepreneurial Power of Family Businesses

We work with family businesses to develop knowledge, which is then shared more widely. 

The knowledge that matters to family businesses is knowledge that's relevant, supported by scientific evidence and useful in daily practice. Our aim is to reinforce the entrepreneurial power of family businesses in the Netherlands.

Dutch Centre of family business


The Dutch Centre of Expertise in Family Business consists of a close-knit team of professors, doctoral students and (senior) researchers.


The Dutch Centre of Expertise in Family Business aims to act as a platform for the resolution of family-business-related knowledge issues. This expertise centre of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences is the place in the Netherlands where new knowledge and insights are developed by means of scientifically justified, practice-oriented research and where new and current knowledge is provided through education and target-group-focused activities.

Three research lines

We conduct research to identify the best balance between business and family interests. Establishing a good balance is known to be crucial for the continuity of family businesses. Our focus is on three specific lines of researc: the added value of family as a business resource, good governance in family businesses and entrepreneurship down through the generations.

Types of knowledge activities

We present our research findings in case studies and scientific publications. Moreover, we organize workshops, seminars and network meetings to share our knowledge and insights with family businesses.