ICT innovations in Health Care

Intelligent use of ICT can ease the pressure on the health care system. 

About this research

By using ICT, the quality of health care can be increased, or standards can be maintained with fewer people and at lower cost. Many companies are now working on excellent eHealth innovations. The professorship focuses on getting promising ICT innovations adopted in health care practice.

The professorship's practice-focused research projects follow three lines: Open Internet of Healthings, eHealth and Health Care Practice, and Systemic Integration and Finance.

Our professor

Dr. ir. Marike Hettinga 
Professor of ICT innovations in Health Care 
Contact: +31 88 - 469 7762
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Our professor

Dr. ir. Ruud Janssen  
Researcher ICT innovations in Health Care
Contact: +31 88 - 469 8892 


Several books, articles and reports have been published to which researchers of the Professorship ICT innovations in Health Care have paid an important contribution.