Youth Care

The Dutch youth care system used to face many problems. The system was fragmented; many different organizations funded by different authorities were involved in the care and support of children with physical, mental and behavioural problems and their families.

In addition, local governments were responsible for public health and preventive youth health care. There was insufficient coordination between the organizations and the municipalities, a lack of integrality in the problem approach and an inadequate response to signals of unsafety.

Health and Social Work

​Transformation of the youth care system

Since January 2015, the Dutch youth care system has been under construction. By adopting and implementing the new Youth Act, the Dutch parliament has decentralized all administrative and financial responsibilities related to youth care from the national and regional government to the 393 municipalities. This means that municipalities have become responsible for all youth care services, ranging from universal and preventive services like youth work and parenting support to specialized care, such as foster care, residential care and youth mental health care. In addition, there has been a transformation of the youth care system.

Our professor

Dorien Graas
Professorship Control in Youth Care
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