Short-term Care and Prevention of Addiction

The team’s work in the field of Care and Prevention of Addiction is aimed at the professionalization of people who work in this field.

Our research contributes to the development of tools with a view to enhancing communication with at-risk groups. By doing this we try to extend the reach of care and prevention methods, to contribute to the development of new methods and to increase the effectiveness of available methods in practice. An important aspect of our work is to study the personal characteristics and experience-based expertise of people working in prevention.

Health and Social Work

Addiction problems 

Addiction and addictive behaviour is a big problem all over the world. In The Netherlands an estimated 10-15 percent of the inhabitants is involved in some degree with addiction problems or substance abuse. In most of the cases risky use of alcohol causes these problems. Especially younger people under 25 years old and elderly people above 55 years old are at risk because of their risky drinking habits. Youngsters are often binge drinkers, while the elderly in this group are frequent drinkers.

Our professor

Rob Bovens
Professorship Short-term Care and Prevention of Addiction
Contact: +31 88 469 9619
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