Innovating with Older Adults

This research group does applied research on innovations involving older adults, aiming to improve the life of both healthy and vulnerable older adults by developing, sharing and implementing knowledge.

Health and Social Work

Mission statement

The research group does research commissioned by and in collaboration with professional and higher education practice and older adults themselves. We develop and evaluate innovations in our studies. Innovations may involve professional and technological improvements. Our research group aims to improve the lives of both healthy and vulnerable older adults by developing, sharing and implementing knowledge. This improvement applies to the quality and the control of one’s own life. 

Our professor

Carolien H.M. Smits PhD
Professorship Innovation in Geriatric Care
Contact: +31 88 469 8795 / +31 88 469 8496 (secretary)


ProMemo, Expertise centre Dementia for Professionals, targets the professional practice that aims to offer excellent support to people with dementia and their family carers. ProMemo marks the link between research, education and professional practice.

Two research programmes

The research group has two research programs:

1. Shared Decision Making in Complex Situations
2. Innovative Participation

Our research group participates in ProMemo. All our ProMemo projects are part of the above research programs.