Professional Development of Teacher Trainers

Research theme

How should teacher trainers prepare for their role as both researchers and research supervisors? This is the central question addressed within this research theme.

Practice-focused research has acquired a place in higher professional education: it contributes to professional development, knowledge about the profession, the quality of education and innovations in the field. Teacher trainers are therefore expected to act as both researchers and research supervisors. But how should they prepare for the role? In the context of the Windesheim research theme Professional Development of Teacher Trainers our researchers Dr Martijn Willemse and Dr Fer Boei try to formulate an answer to this question.

Research focus

This research theme of Windesheim addresses the following questions: How is research professionalism supported (in the workplace)? What activities contribute to professional development and identity? How can a shared research vision, language and culture be promoted?

Through several research projects we try to find answers to the above questions.


Our researchers have published several articles in Dutch and international journals, for example several articles in the English language, such as 'Supporting the professional development of teacher educators in a productive way' and 'Teacher Educators' Research Practices: An Explorative Study on Teacher Educators' perceptions on Research'.
You can read these articles online or they can be purchased from the journal's publisher site.