Pedagogical Quality in Education


A teacher needs the qualities required to contribute to the continuous, socially responsible development of his or her pupils.

On the basis of pedagogical quality, the Windesheim Professorship of Pedagogical Quality in Education seeks to contribute to the realization of meaningful education in which children and young people develop in a way that not only yields good (formal) learning outcomes, but is also beneficial both to the children and young people themselves and to the community in general.


Research focus

The professorship has a wide field of research. The work helps to increase academic insight, improve education and supports teachers' professional development. Part of the professionalization process is the development of a general professional identity encompassing responsibility for the personal development of children and young people and the development of education and the school.

Our professor

Dr Yvonne Leeman
Professorship Pedagogical Quality in Education
Contact: +31 88 46 99 742

History of the professorship

Windesheim's Professorship of Pedagogical Quality in Education was established in 2004. Yvonne Leeman has been attached to the professorship from the outset. For the first five years, she job-shared with professor Wim Wardekker. Thereafter, she partnered professor Femke Geijsel. Since 1 January 2014, the professorship has entered a third phase, with professor Yvonne Leeman as the sole staff member.