Human Movement, School and Sport


The professorship of Human Movement, School and Sport conducts and supervises research into how people move and do sports, especially at school and at their sports club. 

The issues addressed include the following: How do children learn how to move, and how can we improve the way they learn motor skills? What’s the role and significance of sport to society? How do sports clubs and physical education relate to one another? Can they reinforce one another? What are the effects upon society of a certain sports policy?

Exercise and sport

About this research

Within the professorship, the following two research lines determine the central focus: 

  • Learning of motor skills. In recent years, in close cooperation with schools and other research institutes, research in this research line has mainly been carried out on the use of innovative technology in PE classes, as in the projects Digitization in the PE class (Raak publiek), Looking Back with a Tablet, The yields of the PE class (NRO) and Smart Sports Exercises (ZonMw)
  • School and Sport. Within this research line, research has been conducted in the past few years on sports projects and on the relationship between physical education, (school) sports and school environment. Examples include the project Sport for Participation (Raak publiek), a PhD dissertation on the Socially binding significance of (school) sport (in collaboration with the Mulier Institute), Capacity for sports (with Utrecht municipality), Smart Moves (with VU, VUMC), and Physical Literacy (in collaboration with KVLO, Research Centre for Sport and other professorships).


Our researchers have published several articles in a wide variety of journals, for example about different topics related to school and sport such as 'digitization in gym lessons' and 'the value and necessity of gym lessons'. You can also find the inaugural address by Dr Ivo van Hilvoorde in our list of publications.

Related to the Calo

The professor and the other members of the research circle are closely related to the education provided in Calo (Human Movement, Sports and Health Care), especially in the Master’s programmes of Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy.
This learning assignment is part of the Meaningful Movement professorship of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle.