Human Movement, School and Sport


The Dutch government requires that all children should have adequate local sport and exercise opportunities, which are known to reduce problem behaviour.

Exercise and sport

About this research

The Dutch government therefore encourages links between in-school exercise education and out-of-school sport and exercise. The rationale is that, as well as keeping young people healthy, sport and exercise contribute to their autonomy and engagement with their school and neighbourhood.


Our researchers have published several articles in a wide variety of journals, for example about different topics related to school and sport such as 'digitization in gym lessons' and 'the value and necessity of gym lessons'. You can also find the inaugural address by Dr Ivo van Hilvoorde in our list of publications.

Research and projects

An important research theme focused on the question if electronic games and ICT resources increase the quality of gym lessons. In this project researchers worked for and with teachers to develop knowledge regarding electronic resources that can enhance gym lessons both for pupils and teachers.