Educational Needs in inclusive Learning Environments


One class, one teacher and a host of different educational needs: this professorship focuses on the design of inclusive learning environments.

The Professorship of Special Educational Care and Cooperation within the Chain undertook research looking at procedures and special educational care packages in teacher training programmes and in primary, secondary and intermediate vocational education. In the coming period, the professorship continues under the title Educational Needs in inclusive Learning Environments. 


About this research

With the above aim in mind, the earlier line of research into special educational care will be developed at the teacher and pupil level. How can education be adapted to pupils' special needs, in a way that ensures that everyone in the class can learn? To address that question, four lines of research are being initiated.


Several books have been published to which researchers of the Professorship Educational Needs in inclusive Learning Environments have paid an important contribution.

Inclusive learning environments

How can a group of children with different educational and care needs learn together? Following the introduction of a new inclusive education policy in the Netherlands, that is a very topical question. School boards now have an obligation to support the education of children with special needs within mainstream settings.