Research theme and research lines

The influence of ICT is increasing all the time and ICT has found its way into the classroom and the educational sector.

This professorship undertakes research into design parameters for the sustainable implementation of ICT with a view to making education more attractive, efficient, effective and relevant to the modern world. Developments in ICT have profound implications for society. We see the influence of ICT everywhere: in the globalization of the economy, in developments on labour markets and, of course, in the way we live our lives day to day. ICT is an integral part of the modern world.

ICT and education

ICT is increasingly used in the classroom and the education sector faces the challenge of defining a knowledge-based position on the ongoing developments and their implications for education itself. That applies both in relation to the opportunities and potential that ICT offers for enhancing education and in relation to the pedagogical role of the school. Because of their influence on the upcoming generation of teachers, teacher training programmes have considerable power to shape the way that ICT is used in education.

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