Cooperation with Parents in Education

Research theme

How can education professionals work constructively with parents? It might seem an obvious question, but it receives too little consideration in practice.

How are students prepared for working with parents? What does the existing practice look like in primary, secondary and vocational schools? How can prospective and current teachers be supported better? Within the research theme Cooperation with Parents in Education we focus on these three questions.

About this research

Ask a teacher, a school administrator, an internal supervisor or a care coordinator whether cooperation with parents is important for pupil development, and most will say 'Yes'. The value of good cooperation between teachers and parents is also underlined by various publications. Nevertheless, it is apparent from other research that many primary and secondary teacher training programmes in the Netherlands pay little or no attention to this theme.


Our researchers have published several articles in Dutch and international journals, for example two articles in the English language:

• Preparing teachers for family-school partnerships: a Dutch and Belgian perspective
• Preparing teacher candidates for family-school partnerships

You can read them online or they can be purchased from the journal's publisher site.