Finding somewhere to live

If you come to study at Windesheim, you'll need somewhere to live. Windesheim has several housing facilities for students on the various study programmes. 

Dutch students normally live in privately rented accommodation. However, finding the right place isn't easy for someone who is new to the country. So Windesheim has its own student accommodation facilities and a housing service ('SSH') to help students from abroad get settled. SSH is an organization that acts as an intermediary to help international students find temporary accommodation. 

Laura Smit: 'It is great to live together at the student residence'

‘It is great to live together because it encourages you to balance your life – sometimes you need to just have fun and sometimes you need to study hard – with your fellow students close you can encourage each other to do both.’ Sebastian Borchers, second year student from Germany

‘Living together is great – it is easy to get together for schoolwork and you always have the option of hanging out together. With your own room it is also nice to be able to close your door and have the privacy and quiet you sometimes need.’ Angela Gonzalez Pedrero, third year student from Spain

‘The room has a wonderful view of the city of Zwolle. I like that we have a common kitchen and our own bathroom. The walls are quite thick so I have never had a problem being disturbed by a neighbour.’ 

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