Requirements Global Project and Change Management

Students for the Global Project and Change management programme will be officially selected and have to meet our entry requirements.

Windesheim Honours College officially selects students for the Global Project and Change Management programme in accordance with the obtainment of the ‘small scale and intensive label’ from the NVAO. This will be achieved through a holistic selection procedure to find out whether you would be the right kind of student for our learning community.

The minimum requirements are:

• Dutch MBO 4 diploma or international equivalent, with GPA of 7.5 (*), or
• Dutch HAVO diploma or international equivalent, or
• Dutch VWO diploma or international equivalent
(*) If your average GPA can't be calculated, you need to provide evidence of above-average performance, e.g. a reference letter from your MBO school.

All diplomas

All diplomas have to be assessed to make sure they meet the requirements. Diplomas obtained outside the Netherlands are assessed by an equivalence evaluation procedure. On the bottom of this web page, is a list of diplomas awarded in other countries, which are the equivalent of the diplomas referred to above.

I have not completed my diploma yet, can I apply?

If you are still completing your diploma, you can also apply. Should you be accepted by the Board of Admissions, you will receive a condition for your acceptance that you obtain the your diploma with the extra requirements.