Applying and Requirements

Studying International Business at Windesheim is a challenging undertaking and will bring you a valuable diploma. 

To be sure that you are able to follow our highly qualified degree programme, you need to meet our entry requirements. We'll also guide you through each step of our admissions procedure for International Business.

Minimum requirements

•Dutch MBO 4 diploma or international equivalent, with GPA of 7.5 (*), or
•Dutch HAVO diploma or international equivalent, or
•Dutch VWO diploma or international equivalent
(*) If your average GPA can't be calculated, you need to provide evidence of above-average performance, e.g. a reference letter from your MBO school.
All diplomas have to be assessed to make sure they meet the requirements. Diplomas obtained outside the Netherlands are assessed by an equivalence evaluation procedure. In the table requirements you will find a list of diplomas awarded in other countries, which are the equivalent of the diplomas referred to above.  

Are you Dutch?

Dutch students are recommmended to check the Dutch website because some of the information provided here, is not relevant for Dutch students.

I have not completed my diploma yet, can I apply?

If you are still completing your diploma, you can also apply. Should you be accepted by the Board of Admissions, you will receive a condition for your acceptance that you obtain the your diploma with the extra requirements.

Other costs

Besides tuition fees, you will have other expenses as well, such as rent, the cost of books, living expenses and visa charges. We give you a list of other costst you might encounter.

Tuition fees

If you study with us, you may have to pay tuition fees. The size of the fees will depend on various factors, including your nationality.

Deadlines for September 2018 entry

Deadline for Dutch students 1 May 2018

Deadline for Non-EU/EEA students 1 June 2018

Deadline for EU/EEA students 15 June 2018

Important information for 2018 applicants!

If you want to apply for admission in September 2018, you can apply through Studielink (the national enrolment system) from 1 November 2017.