Business Hanse

Windesheim UAS is the first higher-education institution to join this cooperative of businesses and (educational) organizations from over twenty Hanseatic cities in five different countries.

Windesheim will be focusing primarily on the innovative boost the higher-education sector can give Business Hanse. 

About Business Hanse

Business Hanse was set up by 24 municipalities, including Zwolle, Kampen and Deventer on 13 June 2013. This initiative aimed to encourage economic development in the regional areas involved through cooperation between businesses and (educational) organizations. The cooperative strives to restore traditional Hanseatic values like trust, reliability and honesty and use them to help create a better society by means of sustainable and fair trade.

Member benefits

Windesheim UAS aims to play an active role with international organizations from various countries within Business Hanse. In addition to adhering to the Business Hanse aims and values, our participation will be focused in significant measure on acquiring new partners to participate in internationalization programmes like Erasmus plus and Horizon 2020. These European incentive programmes serve to boost Europe’s knowledge economy, research and innovation.