Mission and Vision

Windesheim Honours College is the first professional college in the Netherlands, founded in 2009. We provide a challenging environment with personal development opportunities to ensure that you realize your full potential as a global citizen.

We educate students to become highly competent professionals, who are active across public and private domains, have a reflective attitude, a global mindset, and promote intercultural diversity and sustainability. In order to create a challenging educational environment, Windesheim Honours College makes use of an educational concept based on the following core values:

Education on-demand

Our education is on-demand and offers you a platform to grow professionally and work together with other professionals from different networks. The Value Creator is an innovative environment where we support and encourage our students to create their own learning path and give them space to come up with innovative and creative valuable soulutions.
Enjoy the journey!

For example, students who worked in the fields of Global Health and Urban Dynamics took on a challenge in Asturias, Spain to look into ways to improve the life of older people living in big cities; they did so by exploring the urban facilities available that could support them. In this journey they created a large network on their own and found numerous E-Health companies and other urban-related solutions. By connecting existing networks within Asturias province and giving their advice on how to collaborate they created Value for the region, the elderly citizens and innovations in health care.