Industrial Engineering & Management Students Turn Desert Air into Water

Industrial engineering & management

A team of Windesheim students took part in the challenge in Oman to harvest water from air and they won the SunGlacier Challenge.

The SunGlacier Challenge was initiated by artist Ap Verheggen, who challenges students internationally to come up with practical solutions to problems arising from climate change. Windesheim’s Industrial Engineering & Management students took up his challenge and were successful with their creative solutions.

With Flying Colours

Ap Verheggen is driven by a dream to make water in extremely hot and dry places. He was enthusiastic about Windesheim's students: 'The Dutch Windesheim students have won with flying colours. They developed four devices that all worked equally well and indeed extracted water from the air. This group was so flexible they were able to adapt their devices to a slightly modified configuration even before the challenge had begun. Their preparation was also excellent; they even did research with heat cameras to improve their cooling elements and carried out meticulous tests in a Windesheim climate chamber.'

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