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Student Satisfaction at Windesheim Remains High

18 May 2017

82% of the student population at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences is satisfied with his/her study programme, according to the National Student Survey NSE.

The student survey covered seventeen different themes. Like last year, student satisfaction at Windesheim is higher on all themes than among students of other Dutch universities of applied sciences. Windesheim's lecturers, in particular, are given high scores: they are rated a good deal better than the national average on expertise, didactic qualities, commitment and knowledge of professional practice. Windesheim also scores well above the national average on topics such as information provision and student counselling.

In recent years, satisfaction among students at Windesheim has risen sharply, from 72% four years ago to scores above 80% in 2016 and 2017. This result means that Windesheim, together with Avans, is now one of only two major universities of applied sciences where more than four out of five students are satisfied with their study programme. Executive Board Chair Henk Hagoort is proud of this result. 'Windesheim is a large university of applied sciences, but to the students it doesn’t feel that way. They feel known as individuals and that is something our lecturers can take credit for, because of their strong commitment to students, but all staff providing optimal facilities and support as well."

About the National Student Survey

The National Student Survey is a large-scale national study of Studiekeuze 123 in which all students in higher education are asked how they feel about their study programme. The survey consists of seventeen themes to gauge student satisfaction and some isolated statements, offering study programmes insight into improving educational quality.

The Windesheim results concern both locations: Zwolle and Almere. A total of 41% of the Windesheim student population completed the National Student Survey.