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Windesheim Students' Innovative Snowboard Carrier Wins Young Enterprise

21 June 2017

To prevent damaging jackets and gloves, Engineering students from Windesheim have developed an innovative snowboard carrier.

Windesheim Students’ Innovative Snowboard Carrier Wins Young Enterprise

You can carry a snowboard under your arm, but it’s rather sharp around the edges, damaging jackets and gloves. To prevent this, Engineering students from Windesheim University of Applied Sciences have developed an innovative snowboard carrier. Yesterday, KUMA Engineering won the ‘Best Student Company Of the Year’ award in the final of Young Enterprise. They beat nearly 1000 student teams from all over the country.

At the Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht, Jens Bergsma, Gerard Hannink, Valiant Beekes and Teun Laarakker pitched their product and presented their investment plan. The jury saw a lot of potential in the product, the students’ enthusiasm and entrepreneurial attitude and the business case. A variety of prints and logos can be printed onto the CUB, which is fun for private customers and makes the product attractive to businesses.
As the best student company in the Netherlands, the four engineering students are going to the European Enterprise Challenge in Helsinki on 28 and 29 June, to compete against student entrepreneurs from all over Europe.

Carry Your Board

The compact Carry Your Board (CUB) has a retractor that works in the same way as a tape measure. You pull out the handle, put the strap over your shoulder and the board is on your back. This means your hands are free. With a single flick of the wrist you snap it onto the base plate, which can be attached to the board with foam tape.
It all sounds simple enough, but it was not. "We were brainstorming for weeks and then we made sketches, computer models, did 3d printing and ran tests. We have so far worked with 4 prototypes. All the feedback you receive constantly gives you new perspectives in looking at your product. Meanwhile, we worked around the clock to write our business plan besides the design work. More than once we were thrown out of the school building late in the evening," says Jens. "We have learned so much from this. If something does not work, you have to keep at it. You have to keep innovating. And now let’s go to Finland. It's exciting to see what will happen over the next few weeks, whether we can persuade investors to commit to our product so we can actually market the CUB."

Young Enterprise

The Young Enterprise Foundation promotes entrepreneurship among youth. In collaboration with business and education, they offer programmes and projects to build an entrepreneurial future. In the Student Company contest, students set up a start-up company and compete with other student companies.

Engineering students from Windesheim University of Applied Sciences have developed an innovative snowboard carrier - KUMA engineering