Windesheim Students in Finals of Global Student Challenge

19 April 2017

From 10 to 13 April, 21 student teams from 19 countries will be competing in the finals of the Global Student Challenge. And four Logistics Engineering students have made it to this final round.

Windesheim’s professorship of Supply Chain Finance is the host and one of the initiators of the Challenge, which is scheduled to take place on the Windesheim campus.


After a year of preliminaries between hundreds of teams from academic and applied-science universities around the world, the final teams will be competing for a prize € 20,000 prize. This year's theme of the Challenge: "Growing business in the new era of globalization". Each team has been given an assignment to make a fictional company as profitable as possible. Keys to success are teamwork and knowledge of supply chain financing.

Windesheim Finalists

This year a team of four Windesheim students has managed to get through to the finals. Rik Teunissen, Laurens Braamburg, Nick Reukers and Luuc Bourgonje, students of Logistics Engineering, represent Windesheim in the prize competition.

Supply Chain Finance

Three years ago, the first edition of the Global Student Challenge took place, initiated by the Supply Chain Finance community. The Challenge aims to raise awareness and develop the field of Supply Chain Finance. It does so by drawing attention to knowledge and (product) developments in the field of Supply Chain Finance and by bridging the gap between academia and the corporate sector. Windesheim’s professorship of Supply Chain Finance is one of the organizers.