29 Sep

Psychomotor Therapy

Are you a professional, or nearly graduated in Psychomotor Therapy (PMT) and do you wish to enrich your knowledge, therapeutic attitude and skills?

And are you interested in the International version of the Dutch Master PMT? In this three-day course you gain knowledge and skills in Movement oriented PMT interventions and in specific methodology, theory and research about psychomotor therapy for people with complex trauma.

This course can be seen as a place to meet other professionals and to exchange and learn, guided by Dutch teachers in psychomotor therapy. It also gives a good view of the Dutch Master PMT that will be open for Danish students in the future. Movement oriented interventions are typically used in the way Dutch Psychomotor therapists work. The masterclass is part of the Master PMT program in the Netherlands and is organized by The Dutch Society for Psychomotor therapy (NVPMT) and Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. This course will be in English. In the beginning of 2018, you can also follow a Masterclass about PMT and rehabilitation at UCC University.

Who can do this three-day course?

  • Professionals psychomotor therapists (bachelor degree or similar)
  • Students who are in their last year of the bachelor PMT, and are interested in starting the master Psychomotor Therapy at Windesheim in collaboration with VIA and UCC.

Movement & behaviour change

A workshop about the use of movement oriented and goal-oriented interventions, in the way the Dutch psychomotor therapists work, with a focus on how to make experiences in movement situations meaningful in order to establish behavioral change in clients. This contains interesting and inspiring ingredients you will be able to apply in your own work – how to create a mini crisis so a client can learn and benefit from it; how to apply this methodically. This interactive and active workshop aims to let you experience this way of working and also practice it yourself.

Complex trauma

This masterclass offers knowledge and skills regarding practical work with patients, methodological build up and theoretical evidence for PMT treatment of patients with trauma, especially about stabilization phase of treatment of complex trauma. The content of this masterclass also applies to patients with other problems and comorbid trauma related problems. The masterclass has a very interactive way of working.

An important aspect of trauma is the violation of physical integrity. Which results in loss of contact with the (social) environment as well as loss of contact with one’s body. Feelings of powerlessness are experienced in the body, expression is inhibited. Regulation of this psychophysiological disruption is difficult and is expressed in chronic hyperarousal as well as chronic hypo arousal.

This masterclass is based on the most recent studies regarding treatment of trauma. Research shows that only 50% percent of all patients with PTSS are helped adequately. For complex trauma (enduring or multiple trauma) this percentage is even lower. Recent neurobiological theory and research support a bottom-up approach, such as body and movement oriented interventions. This masterclass will also address how to apply your own research with practical measures, in order to be able to monitor therapy results.


This three day course is planned on Friday-Sunday:
Friday 29 September, 2017
Movement oriented interventions, the Dutch approach.
Saturday 30 September, 2017
Masterclass Complex trauma, day 1
Sunday 1 October, 2017
Masterclass Complex trauma, day 2


An assignment will be send to you to prepare for this three day course. We ask you to send your resume in advance, including information about your work-experience as a psychomotor therapist and your expectations of this three day course.

Time investment

This three-day course endures 24 hours during the weekend (three days of 8 hours) and takes an additional 12 hours for reading literature and making assignments.


Fred Dijk is a psychomotor therapist and mindfulness trainer. He works as a psychomotor therapist since 1992 and has a lot of experience in body and movement oriented therapy. Since 2007 he works as a teacher for the Bachelor's and the Master PMT programme at Windesheim.

Martin van den Blink is a psychomotor therapist and supervisor. After working with children and their families as a psychomotor therapist, he started working in 1999 as a teacher for the Bachelor's programme PMT at Windesheim and currently also works for the Master PMT. He has trained many psychomotor therapists in the Netherlands, for instance in systemic family psychomotor therapy. Last year Fred Dijk and Martin published a book about ‘7 themes in psychomotor therapy’ (in Dutch).

Mia Scheffers is a movement scientist, psychomotor therapist and sexologist. For 20 years she worked at Foundation Center 45, a national treatment center for victims of violence and/or war. Also she had a private practice as body and movement oriented therapist for 12 years. Currently she is finishing her PhD about the role of Body experience in people with psychiatric disorders and she works as a teacher at the Master PMT at Windesheim University of applied sciences.

Time and location

This course will be held in Randers, at VIA University, on Friday 29, Saturday 30 September and Sunday October 1st 2017. The specific time schedule will be send to you after you applied for the course.


This three day course costs € 350,-, including lunches, coffee and tea.

For those who will start the Master PMT at Windesheim, having completed the masterclass gives exemption for this course for 1 ECTS credit.

More information

For more information you can contact Janneke Hatzmann by e-mail: j.hatzmann@windesheim.nl


You can apply by completing the form on the website of Windesheim. There is a maximum of 20 participants. The minimum number of participants is 17.