20 Apr

Windesheim International Education Week (cancelled)

After careful consideration, Windesheim has decided to cancel the International Week (WIEW) from 20-24 April due to the health risks posed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The decision has not been taken lightly, we were looking forward to meeting our partners and learn with each other from each other. However, we don’t think it’s wise to put the health of so many people at risk.


At this moment we don’t know yet whether we will postpone the WIEW to a later date or not. We will of course offer an update as soon as we can.


Multidisciplinary perspectives, teaching an international classroom, student buddies and Content and Language Integrated Learning are just a few topics that will be addressed during this week. Representatives from partner universities are invited to actively participate in this International Week and encouraged to share best practices from their own institution.

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Windesheim will be offering a week filled with interesting keynotes, presentations and workshops, breakout sessions on intercultural competences, guest lectures, campus visits and lots of networking opportunities. Keynotes will be held by Candida Snow from 'Snow Culture & Communication' and by René de Heer, Alderman of Zwolle. Apart from this interesting programme we will also make sure that you get to know the beautiful cities of Zwolle and Almere a bit better through the cultural programme that we will offer.

Intercultural Competences

Intercultural competence is often defined as "the ability to communicate effectively and appropriately in intercultural situations based on one’s intercultural knowledge, skills, and attitudes" (Deardorff, 2008)

Intercultural competences have moved to the center of attention in many Internationalization efforts at HEI. And why shouldn't they? Intercultural competences are a valuable asset in an increasingly globalised world. Constituent elements of Intercultural Competence are Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes and together they lead to internal and external outcomes. The latter refer to the observable behaviour and communication styles of the individual. They are the visible evidence that the individual is, or is learning to be, interculturally competent. It's a lifelong process which needs to be addressed explicitly in learning and teaching and staff development. (Mc Kinnon, S, Global Perspectives Project)

Windesheim believes in measuring students' intercultural development before, during and after their study or internship abroad, and to help strengthen their cultural and self-awareness. Therefore Windesheim has started to work with the 'Windesheim Intercultural Skills Explorer' (WISE) which makes use of the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC). The IRC is a self-assessment tool, measuring intercultural competencies and allowing for in-depth personal feedback on intercultural communication and leadership competences. The IRC was co-developed by Ursula Brinkmann, PhD., who will also be present at the Windesheim International Education Week.

Engineering & IT

Representatives in the fields of Engineering and ICT will have the opportunity to meet the coordinators of the exchange programmes and discuss topics related to intercultural competences and engage in guest lectures. The topics include: Engineering: All-round Designer, Operational Management in Industry, Process Optimization, Industrial Automation and Robotics, Supply Chain Engineering ICT: Mobile Solutions, Digital Transformation, Concept and Creation, Entrepreneurship, Future Technology, Game Studio, Security Engineering and Web and Analytics.

Business, Media & Law

Representatives in the fields of Business, Media & Law we will be offered the opportunity to engage in ‘best practice’ sessions with our teaching staff, who are responsible for the Windesheim Intercultural Skills Explorer (WISE). We also invite you to observe how various degree programmes have integrated intercultural skills into their curricula. You are encouraged to meet with our incoming students who are developing their skills in the module ‘Intercultural competence’ and learn about their experiences. For teaching staff we offer the opportunity to present a workshop to our Business students related to the central theme of the week

Health Care & Social Work

Representatives from the fields of Healthcare & Social Work will get the opportunity to participate in Zwolle in a variety of activities that will be organised for our students such as multidisciplinary  workshops, keynotes and field visits. Furthermore we invite you to participate in classes by giving short guest lectures. If you like you can bring some students with you too! In Almere participants will be able to take part in a dialogue session about precarious subjects in the field of social work. In the health care programme in Almere you will be challenged to contribute to a project meeting to exchange and discuss about international health care issues.

Human movement & Education

Further details regarding the programme at Human movement & Education will be announced at a later stage.

Fees & Registration

Participation is free of charge. Participants are expected to cover their travel and accommodation costs.

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